Savic Zeno 2

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Savic Zeno 2

Post by Hephaestion » Wed May 22, 2013 3:34 pm

The Savic Zeno 2 is a relatively new cage with an elegant design. The cage comes with a nice feeding bowl, large water bottle, a basic but sturdy hammock and a disgustingly pinkest of pink corner shelve and ramp. If like me you despise hot pink, you will want to invest in more neutral shelving. It has the same dimensions as the Ferplast Furet Plus and so suitable for four rats if the space is optimised.

I initially kept three growing does in this cage which allowed plenty of room for shelving, digging boxes, hammocks, ropes and perches.The ladies enjoyed it, especially the deep base which affords much opportunity for foraging in the substrate. The cage flat packs but can be tricky to dismantle as over eager hands could easily break the plastic clips and supports which maintain the cage structure. This cage stumbles on access. With a single, albeit rather large front door, you may find yourself struggling to squash inside the cage to spot clean, hang hammocks and catch speeding rat kittens.

Overall, the cage served me and the girls well for a few months. It is not overly imposing and so will fit nicely in a living room without being an eyesore (for those with aesthetic concerns). I would recommend it as a starter cage for a couple of rats up to a maximum of three to maintain comfort or as a more challenging cage for young weanlings.

The cage: ... age/337231


Total: 80 x 50 x 70 cm (L x W x H)
Bar spacing: 9.5 mm
Base height: 16 cm
Door: 22 x 25 cm (W x H)
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