Dexadreson strength and dexamethasone dose.

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Dexadreson strength and dexamethasone dose.

Post by Tori30 » Wed Apr 18, 2012 11:44 pm

This is just for my interest really as I dont think the dex is going to be a big enough help for my boy.

I saw on the rat medication guide that the dose of dex is 0.5 - 2mg/kg and so at the low end of that, Deejay should have 0.25mg.

We were given dexadresone (2mg / ml), but is only having 0.1ml a day = 0.2mg.

Does anyone know if this right. What dose of dex would you expect to be given for a rat with neuro problems??

I just want to know what to ask for if I am unfortunate to have a rat in this situation again.

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