Physique - useful stuff and frequently asked questions

Discussions relating to weight, fitness, hygiene needs and such like.
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Physique - useful stuff and frequently asked questions

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The Information section contains the following articles on topics relating to physique.
  • Condition and vitality
  • Weight management
Frequently asked questions
Q. My doe weighs 450g - is this the right weight for a female rat?
A. Like people all rats are individuals as there is no specific weight that your girl should be. What is important is that she is a good weight for her size. This is best judged by looking at her; she should look lean and muscular but not skinny or boney. Neither should she look squishy, round or have obvious fat.

My buck is enormous and looks overweight to me, yet he still feels very firm and well-muscled, am I worrying about nothing?
A. Probably not! Rats can lay down huge quantities of internal body fat while remaining muscular to the touch. If he looks overweight then he probably is and you can help him by reducing the amount of feed you give and stopping all but vegetable treats.

Q. Do rats need to be bathed?
A. The short answer is no, unless they are very disabled and cannot clean themselves properly. Rats are fastidiously clean and spend a lot of time grooming themselves and each other, so don't need to be washed by their humans. However, some rats love water and enjoy the experience, and some pale varieties may also need a bath before a show. If you do want to bath a rat use quite warm water and a very mild shampoo.
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