Attacking Feet

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Attacking Feet

Post by xarixian » Thu Dec 17, 2015 11:30 pm

My older rat (2 years old), who I've had for nearly a year, has suddenly starting attacking my feet. Just the last week or two, if I'm in the room, she makes a beeline for them and even if I'm sat down, where before she'd climb onto my lap, she now darts around the side of my legs to go for my feet. It's very different to other two, who might chance a nip on occasion but don't mean anything by it. I haven't stepped on her or anything recently, so... why? Has anyone else experienced this sudden change in behaviour in their rats?

She came to me as a rescue quite under socialised and very bitey due to fear, but I trust trained and she's been pretty happy and relatively confident for a good six to eight months now. She knows me and definitely isn't scared of me. I even shouted at her (not something I normally do but she would not get away from my feet) and she didn't seem bothered at all.

I do wonder if she's just old and grumpy and doesn't want to be out of her cage too long, so is doing it as a way to get put back in the cage (although honestly she's not normally anywhere near that bright). Could that be it? My approach is just going to be to wear a pair of soft trainers whenever she's out of the cage, but is there anything else I can do? Definitely don't want this continuing.
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