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Varieties and genetics - useful stuff and FAQ

Posted: Sat Aug 06, 2011 2:34 pm
by Fancy Rats Admin
The Information section has the following articles on topics relating to varieties and genetics:
  • Effects of mutations - Rex
  • Effects of mutations - Albino
Hawthorn's rat variety site is probably the most comprehensive collection of information available on the varieites of fancy rat and the genetics behind them.

Frequently asked questions
Q: Are there different breeds of fancy rat?
A: No, but there are numerous colour varieties that have been developed such as hooded, capped, self, mink etc., coat types such as rex and hairless, and ear type - dumbo. Details of the various varieties can be found all over the web, including the National Fancy Rat Society website (

Q: Are dumbo rats different to top eared rats?
A: Dumbo rats only differ from top eared rats in the position of their ears. Dumbos have ears on the side of their heads and top eared rats have ears on top of their head. Dumbo rats do not live longer, grow bigger or have different care needs compared to top eared rats and both ear varieties can be kept together with no problems. Dumbo rats are just top eared rats with their ears in a different place!

Q: Can all varieties of fancy rat be exhibited in the UK?
A: No. Some varieties are banned and others do not have a standard in the UK so cannot be shown. Banned varieties (under NFRS rules) are tailless and hairless. Examples of unstandardised varieties are American cinnamon and blazed hooded (an example of which appeared recently at a northern show).