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Toilet roll Treat Package

Posted: Mon Oct 31, 2011 9:21 pm
by miknicholl
I must edmit this isnt my idea but i saw it on Hamster website but i thought it was brillant so im puttin on here
all you need it a toilet roll and some scissors ... C00721.jpg
cut the toilet roll sideways on so you have alittle circle you just need 4 for each package ... C00722.jpg
then place one circle strip in another like this ... C00723.jpg
then put another one around the first two and then ... C00724.jpg
then the forth to seal the package ... C00725.jpg
you can take the forth back off to put treats in and then repace it and let the rats have fun getting at the treats you could colour the strips to make them Christmassy
my rats love these and find them easy to open as ive said i cant take the praise for this idea but it is brillant