Rehoming template to be used in ALL posts

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Rehoming template to be used in ALL posts

Post by Fancy Rats Admin » Thu Jul 21, 2011 3:07 pm

Please copy and complete the template (deleting the instructional text) and PM to Fancy Rats Rehoming

In the interest of the rats concerned, please do not PM or e-mail individual members of the Admin Team as they may not be online for some time.

Rehoming template

Original source of rats (this will not be included in your advert but is required by FRA). If from a rescue or breeder please be specific about which one. If from a pet shop, "pet shop" is sufficient.

Contact details: no personal phone numbers will be included and details must include a FR username PM contact. An email address may also be added.
Rescue organisation: (if appropriate). Phone numbers of organisations may be included.
Location: (must include village/town/city and county)

Number of groups of rats:

(repeat the following for each group)

Group number:
Number of rats in group:

Reason for rehoming:

Medical problems:
Will the group be split (only relevant for groups of 4 and over):

Transport available:
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