Foster homes offered in the East of England

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Foster homes offered in the East of England

Post by Fancy Rats Admin » Thu Jul 21, 2011 4:02 pm

Please use this thread if you are willing to offer foster care provision in the East of England.

Please see the regional map if you are unsure of your region.
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Re: Foster homes offered in the East of England

Post by izzerie » Sat Mar 31, 2012 10:37 am

My husband and I are willing and able to provide foster care to ratties in need of a temporary home for whatever reason. All our rats, with the exception of two, are rescues so we are used to the behavioural issues they can bring; we are certainly not put off by "difficult" rats! We are also experienced with a number of common and not so common health issues so we're happy with giving meds, providing additional care etc. and we have a competent vet nearby. Oldies are not a problem either, in fact the older the better! :D

We would prefer to provide our own cage as we have a carefully planned rat room that does not have capacity for additional cages. We have an explorer dedicated to foster use, which can be opened up for a large group or split in half for two smaller groups. We feed a home made mix of RR no. 8 with a few extra ingredients thrown in (rice, lentils, berries etc.), Squiggles is given twice weekly, caliform is given once weekly and oldies get senior aid twice weekly as well. Fresh veggies are fed 5 days per week. We are happy to manage any specific dietary needs- we have rats here that need help maintaing weight, help losing weight and one boy who has to have a very specific diet so we fine with any additional needs. Free range varies depending on number of groups at any one time but will always be at least every other day. All rats are handled and given attention every day :)

If you need our help, please feel free to PM or email You can also visit our website to find out more about us :)
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