Treating What I Suspect Is An Abcess

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Treating What I Suspect Is An Abcess

Post by LVRatLady » Mon Jan 09, 2017 2:40 am

About a week before Christmas I noticed my female, 2 year old, hairless rat, Baby has seemingly overnight developed this wound that appears to be a black hole. The hole is located right between her hind legs, close to her genitals. At first it was about the size of a nickel (That might not help much seeing this is a U.K. based forum and I'm in the US but it's a circle about a half inch across) . I'm fairly new to having rats and hadn't seen anything like this before. It was rather alarming since it seemed to pop up so fast. Anyway, I do a bit of research and from photos and reading, I conclude she has an encapsulated abcess. So I follow the treatment instructions I found on The Rat Guide website. I drained out the pus til I couldn't see anymore and kept an eye on it. She appeared to be fine. The wound shrunk. She'd let me touch it no problem so I figured the infection was out.

The hole shrunk but hasn't totally healed. Now it's about half the size it was. This week I'm seeing what looks to be thick white stuff in the hole. It doesn't smell or anything. I've tried applying heat and gently squeezing but this stuff doesn't want to come out. I'm concerned this might be a tumor? I will be taking her to the vet but they're not open til tomorrow. I'm asking on here to get some idea of what to expect at the vets tomorrow. Any ideas?

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Re: Treating What I Suspect Is An Abcess

Post by izzerie » Fri Jan 13, 2017 12:37 am

Do you have a picture of the area at all? I suspect you my be seeing new healthy tissue forming but a picture would help :)
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Re: Treating What I Suspect Is An Abcess

Post by petty254- » Thu Feb 09, 2017 6:54 pm

Do you have a photo, we could be able to have some clues on whats ailing your rat.

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