Noisy breathing - infection?

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Noisy breathing - infection?

Post by ali93sha » Sun Dec 15, 2019 11:00 am

Hello! I have two boys who are both almost 2 years old and have suffered with respiratory infections since young (they live in a clean environment and are cleaned every other day - I have tried everything to avoid it happening)

Past: very plump, didn’t like much contact - liked to be left to do his own thing
Present: lost weight (can feel spine but not hunching), loves coming out his cage, lots of contact wanted

Past: slender, very outgoing
Present: lots of weight gained, not bothered about leaving cage, sits still whenever he’s out.

They both have very noisy breathing but I cannot work out if it is a damaged respiratory tract from having infections so often or if they have the infection again. Whenever I take to the vets they just want to pump antibiotics into them and I have already lost 2 rats - I do not believe the antibiotics to be working (Baytril). They do sneeze often but no crust around nose or eyes.

Scar face has also now developed a white circle in his eye lens (presumably cataracts).

I will be taking to vets on Monday however would like some opinions... any thoughts or advice appreciated.

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Re: Noisy breathing - infection?

Post by [cub] » Sun Dec 15, 2019 4:17 pm

Could be scarring, could be Baytril-resistant Mycoplasma, could be a different kind of bacteria altogether. Doxycycline is worth a try, either alone or in conjunction with Baytril. Also worth trying meloxicam in case inflammation is contributing to it.

You're almost certainly cleaning too often too, unless the cage is tiny. For 2 rats in an adequate sized cage I would spot clean every few days up to every day, depending on how messy they are, but not do a full clean more often than once a week. Cleaning too much and too often just leads to them scent marking more because things don't smell right.
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