Other Rat Care - Guidelines

This is an area for any care related discussions that do not fall into any of the other care board categories.
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Other Rat Care - Guidelines

Post by Fancy Rats Admin » Thu Jul 21, 2011 2:31 pm

Guidelines for posting

Please check and search the Other Rat Care section of our archive forum as there is a vast amount of information already contained within these threads. The Useful stuff announcement in that section may also help you to find the information that you need.

This forum is intended for questions and comments related to rat care that don't readily fit into any of the specific care boards (Health, Behaviour, Habitat, Feeding, Varieties & Genetics, Rescue Care and Feeder Rats). It should not be used for rat related chit chat which fits into a subforum of the Community Chat area.

Choose a post title that will clearly indicate your question or the content of your thread. So "Suggestions for holiday care?" rather than "What do you all do...?" as an example.

Examples of the kind of topics that might readily fit into this area are:
Questions relating to 'rat sitting' requests (but not actual request whcih belong in the rat sitting forum).
Human health issues related to rats.
Comments about the care of rats in pet shops.
Discussion of grief, dealing with death and burial/cremation.
Questions about how owners cope with different numbers or rats.
These are just examples and many other topics would also fit into this category.

There is a vast amount of information already contained in the other rat care forum threads - do try to use the Search facility where appropriate.

Examples of chat topics which should not be posted here and will be moved to Rat Related Chit Chat can be found here.


Autoprune is a feature that automatically deletes threads that have not been posted to within a certain amount of days.

In this forum autoprune is set to 1 year.
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