2 adult Males to be rehomed in Buckinghamshire

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2 adult Males to be rehomed in Buckinghamshire

Post by sardines » Wed Nov 07, 2018 6:42 pm

Contact details:
Neesha Lynch

Location: High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire

Number of rats in group: 2
Gender: Male
Age(s): Roughly a year
Name(s): Phillip and Terrence
Colours/varieties: Phillip is a silver/grey solid. Terrence is black and white blazed.
Neutered: No- this is must for the future though.

Reason for rehoming: Firstly I am moving home and have been asked to downsize my pets.
We have had these boys for about 5/6 months, with the intention of introducing to my other two males. However after long and tedious time of trying to introduce them we gave up :( Terrence was just coming into his ‘teens’ at that point and just winding the others up and getting hurt because of it. So we separated them into their starter groups again, since then we gave time for him to calm and warm to us but because of this fighting him and his brother are always on edge and weary, despite being very inquisitive. We feel that they (especially Terry) need to be neutered in order for them to get along perfectly, and to stop him being so protective and wanting to fight Phil all the time. Unfortunately, due to our situation with my other rats, moving home and financial troubles we can’t afford to neuter them right now so would be best going to someone that can afford to give them what they need.

Temperament:They are lovely boys, really friendly (before their hormones kicked in) and super inquisitive. Unfortunately, due to the fighting/humping they aren’t keen on being held, but will happily take treats/ food. After time, I think they’ll happily warm up :)

Transport available: Can travel 60 mins outside of Wycombe, not much further as I won’t be the one driving.

Other: can send pics/any other info needed via email or WhatsApp.

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