The ethics of Fancy Rats

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The ethics of Fancy Rats

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Fancy Rats ethical statement.

The following represents the ethical stance and vision of Fancy Rats. It is upheld by the admin team and is the tone that we would seek to set for this forum. Please take a moment to read, as understanding this statement may help you to decide whether this is a community that you wish to belong to.

The website and forum exist for the promotion of pet rats and their well-being.

Rats are social creatures who naturally live in large colonies. No rat should have to live alone, without the company of another rat(s) of the same gender. If neutered, bucks and does can also live happily together.

All rats should live in a suitable habitat and environment, with adequate space, ventilation, temperature control and access to clean, safe bedding, food and water.

All rats should have their individual needs considered and met. These include daily human attention, mental stimulation, physical challenges, age appropriate activities and regular time outside of their cage.

Rats rely on their humans to keep them safe. This includes suitable, well maintained cages that are escape proof and a safe environment for free range exploration. Accidental litters are avoidable.

All rats should be protected from fear and distress. They should be kept safe from other pets who are natural predators.

All rats should have access to prompt veterinary care when needed, including emergency care out-of-hours.

Rats should be sourced only from people that promote the well-being of all pet rats, such as rescues and responsible breeders, or through rehoming for free privately.

We do not support the pet trade or rodent farming. Paying for rats in pet shops is not rescuing. We would encourage members to give their custom to outlets that do not sell rats wherever possible, and those that promote responsible care and breeding of animals.

A person can have too many rats (though how many is too many will vary between individuals). We do not promote the ill considered accumulation of rats.

A person can also have too many rats for their accommodation. Rats should not be kept in rented accommodation without the landlord's written permission. This is a common reason for rehoming.

We promote both rat rescue and responsible breeding. Rats should be homed locally wherever possible, and quarantined if necessary.

Author: Fancy Rats Team
Fancy Rats Team


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