Banner advertising - requests now invited for 2017

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Banner advertising - requests now invited for 2017

Post by Fancy Rats Admin » Wed Mar 08, 2017 2:09 pm

The new advertising year will run for 12 months starting from 1st April 2017.

Please submit requests via PM to Fancy Rats Admin, or via email to by 11pm 19th March stating your preferred location(s) and linking to your banner(s). If more than one member requests a particular forum, then it will be allocated at random. You may submit more locations than you actually want if you also indicate the maximum number we should allocate to you, and list them in preferred order.

You will be notified of your allocated locations by 22nd March, and payment will be required by the 29th March.

All banners should meet the requirements set out in the banner guidelines.

The prices (based on forum activity levels since the start of 2016) and locations in our new layout are:

Health £25
Behaviour £25
Habitat £15
Feeding £15
Other care £15

Rehoming and rescue help £5
Rat Chat £25
OT Chat £15
Support groups £5
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