Swollen side of face...

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Swollen side of face...

Post by Aalice » Mon Jan 10, 2022 3:19 pm

Hi everyone! Happy New Year. Onyx is 20 months old and lives alongside his 3 brothers. A couple of days ago I noticed his nose was a smidge red and then this morning he has woken up with a big swelling on one side of his face that is causing his eye to be slightly squinted. There doesn't seem to be an open wound, it's not sore to touch and he's still eating and drinking as normal and no change to his behaviour. Now he does like to get into scraps with his brothers - do we think this could just be from an argument or is it something more serious...? I appreciate they're getting older so age isn't on his side but as of yet all 4 of my Boys have lived such a happy and healthy life... Thanks in advance, Alice.

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Re: Swollen side of face...

Post by cyber ratty » Wed Jan 12, 2022 1:10 pm

See my reply to your other post - the behaviour changes and this swelling could be linked.

It's possible that he has an abscess, which could be resulting from an injury sustained during a scrap, but the fact that he had porphyrin (the red discharge) first, suggests that it's more likely he already had a problem which is underlying the swelling, maybe dental, or depending on the location, a facial swelling is often the sign of a zymbals gland tumour. Do you have a picture to show the location?

I think it's very likely that the scraps are as a result of his discomfort.

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