Smelly bedding

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Smelly bedding

Post by oowie » Mon Sep 28, 2020 7:07 am

my 3 male rats are housed in a double CN.
I ise B2N in the toilets and greenmile on the floors.
They are toilettrained and use the toilets very well.
I change thw toilets and hammocks out twice a week. The greenmile i toss around daily so the soiled bediing and clean bedsing is mixed again if needed.
They have a plastic house on the middle floor of the cage and they build latge burrow from greenmile around it..
After mixing the besiing in the morning, they build it up again.
Everything went well and i had to change the greenmile every 14 days.
Now it is very strong smelling after only a week. Maybe i did not mix it daily the past few days... it makes me wonder why they smell so much more then normal? I don't notice anything different witj them. Eating and drinking and behaviour is all normal.
They are 10 months and 3,5 months it possible that they became lazy and pee in their house now?
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Re: Smelly bedding

Post by cyber ratty » Mon Sep 28, 2020 10:40 am

Have you changed their diet at all or given them anything different? Food can make a huge difference to smell.

Or has the room temperature dropped much? I think rats will deliberately wee in their beds to create a kind of compost which would generate heat - as a sort of DIY central heating system ;)

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