Need advice Mammary tumor in old rat

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Need advice Mammary tumor in old rat

Post by itsBreeze » Mon Sep 28, 2020 9:44 pm

I noticed a lump under the vaginal area of one of my does, she is nearly 2 and a half years old. Went to my vets earlier who are really good, she basically said the operation shouldn't be too dangerous but it could potentially grow back. At the time I picked an operation as I'd like her to get better and live for as long as possible but what do you experienced owners think? Is it safe for her to have an operation or better to ask for some medicine to try and make her life as easy as possible until it gets too much?

Also I currently only have two rats, is it a good idea to look to get more now and slowly introduce them or will it likely be too stressful for my older one? I should have prepared for this sooner really but my two have bonded so well I decided to keep them as they are.

Any advice would be appreciated.

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Re: Need advice Mammary tumor in old rat

Post by cyber ratty » Wed Sep 30, 2020 10:01 am

If she is otherwise fit and well (especially in respiratory terms), then yes, go ahead. Make sure the vets don't use ketamine for the op though as that can cause problems in recovery.

Yes I would definitely add 2 or 3 babies asap (use the carrier method, don't introduce slowly), as not only will that protect you from the possibility of a rat being left alone, but rats do best in groups of 3 or more which gives them a variety of relationships, so I expect your current girls will love having the youngsters around. :luck:

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Re: Need advice Mammary tumor in old rat

Post by Little_Lovelies » Thu Oct 08, 2020 5:11 pm

Hi itsBreeze, welcome to the forum :)

I'm really sorry to hear about your little girl. I wanted to let you know that we've just been through something similar with one of our adopted boys who could be about 2 but we have no way to know for sure. He had a really aggressive tumour and we were told he could have his hind leg removed or we would just have to 'make him comfortable'. He was super happy and healthy otherwise so we were unbelievably apprehensive about how he would be afterwards but went for the operation and he's been amazing! We were trying to keep him pretty quiet and still afterwards but he was having none of it. Within 2 days he was back to climbing the bars, climbing onto our shoulders, you name it. He does everything he used to and is totally happy, so we are off-the scale relieved?! He didn't chew his stitches either, phew!

You know her best, if she's happy and healthy then hopefully she'll cope fine with the procedure.

Good luck to you both!

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