Recurring mites/skin issue. Any advice?

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Recurring mites/skin issue. Any advice?

Post by Onthewires » Tue Nov 10, 2020 3:16 pm

One of our girls Poppy has a seemingly constant problem with scratching. I've treated her with Ivermectin on about 5 different occasions and repeated treatment at 4 weeks as specified on the spot-instructions, but it never seems to go away entirely. As far as I can tell her skin and fur looks fairly normal other than a few scratches around her neck.

The main issue is that she has a large sore on her side from scratching that does not clear up (It has been about 12 weeks now since we first spotted it.) It has always remained very dry/odourless and doesn't bother her when touched, so I haven't given any antibiotics yet, but it is definitely getting bigger over time.

I have tried bandaging her both with vet bandage and socks, but she is incessant and will always wriggle/chew her way out. I have also tried manuka honey, but then realised this would be counterintuitive when she started licking at it :roll:

Today I noticed that it is starting to protrude slightly so am going to put her on a course of baytril to see if this makes any difference. I have also just ordered some bephar wound ointment and some johnsons tea tree skin cream to see if it will help (anyone had any experience with these?)

At the moment she is absolutely fine in herself but it is worrying that it still hasn't healed after so long and mite treatment doesn't seem to be going anywhere. In theory is there anything stronger than ivermectin to treat with? Could bathing her regularly with an emollient cream/aqueous cream help?


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Re: Recurring mites/skin issue. Any advice?

Post by cyber ratty » Tue Nov 10, 2020 4:10 pm

It's possible she may have staph, the patch not healing up sounds like it could be that. A few applications of tea tree oil or hibiscrub should clear it up (mind your own hands because it is contagious) - I wouldn't apply cream to it as I doubt that will be strong enough, and regular bathing is going to be bad for her as it will strip out her natural oils.

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