Tumours in rats - the cost of surgery

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Tumours in rats - the cost of surgery

Post by Gemnics » Wed Mar 03, 2021 7:25 pm

Hi All
Recently we have had to have some of our rats put to sleep because of tumours; one was due to stomach cancer but one was an extremely large tumour, which appeared to be a mammary tumour. The vets quoted us over £500, which we just could not afford.

Now another one of our female ratties have developed what looks to be a mammary tumour. It’s grown in the past few weeks and don’t want to leave it. I was wondering how much people have paid to have these tumours removed? Our quote seemed a lot but I don’t want our little one to suffer so want to get treatment if possible. It just the cost seems outrageous.

Any advice warmly welcomed.

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Re: Tumours in rats - the cost of surgery

Post by cyber ratty » Mon Mar 08, 2021 7:17 pm

Vets fees will vary a lot - some have got higher overheads, some try to charge for unnecessary extras like a night in hospital and/or histology.

I pay around 120 - 150 these days for a lump removal, but if the rat is relatively young, it can be worth having her spayed at the same time.

The sooner the op, the smaller the lump, and the smaller the bill should be. It's definitely worth doing in most cases, but shop around for a good price, so long as the vet is an experienced rat surgeon. :luck:

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