Second tumour in fancy rat

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Second tumour in fancy rat

Post by Rgjtx » Sat Jul 24, 2021 12:11 am

Hello, I am looking for a bit of advice as I have 2 fancy rats both of them female, one of them Ruby has recently (3 weeks ago) had a mammory tumour removed, everything went well and the wound has healed up great but now I have just noticed on the other side another tumour about the size of a large pea, she is just about 2 years old and is otherwise in good health and I am just not sure what to do, Does anyone have any experience with this and some advice they could give thanks.

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Re: Second tumour in fancy rat

Post by cyber ratty » Mon Jul 26, 2021 8:29 am

It's most likely that these are benign mammary tumours, and they can be linked to hormones which a spay would drastically reduce, so if a rat has a tumour removed it can be a good idea to spay at the same time. However, that's normally advised for rats who are younger when they get their first lump. Since your girl is already 2, the link between hormones and the growths is not as clear, however if you want to try to slow the growth, then you could ask the vet to put her on galastop which changes the hormone levels.

Another cause of lumps is if the rat is overweight, so it's a good idea to keep does quite trim to reduce the chances of developing any tumours.

Depending on her health otherwise, it could be worth removing the second lump as well, but if she's beginning to age, and the lump is slow growing, you could wait and see how it is in another month or two and decide then whether it's likely to impact her her more than going through another operation would.

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