Struggling with my rats...I'm confused about so many things..and so weary

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Struggling with my rats...I'm confused about so many things..and so weary

Post by Julie020 » Wed Mar 03, 2021 8:56 pm

I have 3 girls..about 4 qmonths old. I've had them for 2 months..ish!

They are quite skittish..I still can't pick them up despite everything I've learned and tried. (Common/usual advice) I've researched intensely!

I've read so many conflicting things I have no idea what's right! they live in living on all day? Or dining room...they can quietly hear tv...but nothing to see except me going in and out doing kitchen stuff on and off all day?

I read...they should be in the heart of home....but some quiet during day to sleep!


Heart of home (living room) is noisier...during day! Tv...talking...etc

Dining room only busy at weekends..I pop in and out all day every day but not much going on..just noises..making machine...etc.

I am struggling to make them happy...even play time and feeding is stressful! Setting pen up takes ages...can't free roam as I can't call them back...or pick them up! I really am trying everything.

They don't eat rat food at all!! Tried different one's.. even my own mix! Just fruit and vegetables and treats. Running out of idea's for treats.

I'm confused and stressed...and getting tired!
Thanks..any advice appreciated!

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Re: Struggling with my rats...I'm confused about so many things..and so weary

Post by cyber ratty » Mon Mar 08, 2021 7:23 pm

Rats will quickly get used to a busy location, and that's great for their confidence, you don't want them to be tucked away.

They don't need quiet so they can sleep - they nap rather than sleep anyway, and they will adapt to your routine, so if you're busiest in the middle of the day that's when they will be awake and keen to come out.

If they are hungry, they will eat - it may be that you're giving them too much. Measure out about 15g per rat of dry mix (have you tried Rat Rations?), and scatter it over their substrate so they have to forage for it. It will encourage them out into the open. Also, make sure they don't have any enclosed accessories in the cage until they are bonded with you. Have you tried the 20 mins (minimum) bonding sessions with them tucked in your clothing?

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