More Problems!

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More Problems!

Post by JackieRS28 » Sat Mar 27, 2021 8:41 pm

Hello all, I first posted in November when I rescued a lone male from Pets at Home. Following excellent advice here and with help, I got Hercules neutered, and sourced two baby females. A more experienced rat owner very kindly did very slow intros for me (she had my rats for over three weeks) when they returned to me I was delighted with how they all got along. Since my male was rehomed twice due to aggression issues, it was obviously him that I was worried about. Before getting the girls, he was always very reserved, only wanting to free range a few times a week.I saw a change in him when I got the girls, he became much more confident and wanted to come out more. One of the females is very outgoing and confident. Recently Ihave observed her stopping him from going to certain parts of the cage (a Jenny) and the same when they are out for a run. She will guard boxes, tunnels etc. Mainly she just screams at him and uses body language, but I have also seen her bite him on the face and try to drag him by the ears. It has now got to the stage where he seems to spend most of the time in his Sputnik and doesn’t want to come out, even at meal times. He is now around 18 months old and the girls are about 16 weeks. There haven’t been any injuries yet, but I am worried that he should be put on his own again if he is unhappy. I am sorry this is a long post, and thank you for reading it. I should probably also mention that the other female is much more nervous, and gets on well with both her sister and Hercules.

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Re: More Problems!

Post by cyber ratty » Thu Apr 01, 2021 10:34 am

Sorry to hear she's behaving like that. Girls can be so much more complex than boys. It may just be a stage she's going through, or it could mean she'd benefit from a spay - is her behaviour cyclical at all? If she came from a breeder, talk to them about it in case it's something they've seen before.

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