Unusual agitation after some fun

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Unusual agitation after some fun

Post by Rumcajs » Thu May 13, 2021 12:06 pm

Hello, I have a small problem since yesterday with one of my pets.

Wrex is about 4-5 months old. Alpha in the herd. In a Perfect Maxi cage with 3 other ratties.

Problem Description:
Yesterday during the run we were playing on the bed. Wrex ran after my hand and tried to catch it, I took it away so that he could not catch it. There was no physical contact between my hand and the tail. During the play, I noticed that Wrex got very agitated, he became overstimulated by the play. I decided to end the "game". He went further into the runway. After returning to the cage I noticed that he was still very agitated. During the run, I cleaned the cage. The youngster when he entered the cage was biting the clean hammocks, house, etc. he was jumping all over the cage floor. I approached the cage and as always with an open hand I thought I would calm him down, however, no. He treated my hand as if it were another rat from the pack and started biting. It was different than usual because he bit harder and harder. He wanted to dig in with his teeth. It was not an aggressive surprise attack. He sniffed twice and looked for a thin spot where to dig in. Twice I withdrew my hand because it was starting to hurt. The third time he was able to penetrate very specifically until he got blood. At that point, he could taste the blood and has been just lurking for my hand ever since.

I tried to give him my favorite treats in my open hand, he took a few, but he kept sniffing after my hand.

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