Habitat - useful stuff and frequently asked questions

Topics on cages, accessories, layouts, free ranging, and enrichment
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Habitat - useful stuff and frequently asked questions

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Useful Stuff

The information section contains the following articles relating to cages and habitat enrichment:
  • Size matters
  • Making rat toys from junk
  • Cage litter/substrate
  • Domestic duties
  • Bedding
  • A home for your rats
  • Cage accessories
Frequently asked questions
Q: How do I work out how many rats my cage can accommodate?
A: Enter the internal cage dimensions into the cage calculator, or look at this list of pre-determined cage occupancies.

Q: Are there any safe paints that are suitable for use on/in rat cages?
A: There are a number of rat-safe paints available in the UK, depending on what it is you want to paint. PlastiKote make a range of spray and pot paints which are safe to use. For wood, metal or plastic they recommend the fast dry enamel project paint (available as a spray or pot) as suitable for childrens toys. Japlac high gloss enamel is a similar product - also available in spray or pot - and recommended for use on metal or wood. japlac is manufactured by International Paint.

Q: I have bought a big cage and made a lovely environment for my new rats with hammocks, tunnels, ropes, a litter tray, log house and an igloo. Is there anything else they need?
A: Your cage sounds lovely and the rats will have plenty of space and a choice of places to sleep. I am sure in addition to this they would also appreciate some simple items that would enrich their environment and give them something to do. Things like little boxes which you can hide food in and a kitchen roll slung onto the bars so they can create bedding. Parrot toys and feeding enrichment items can provide hours of fun (and a challenge), but once you've picked up some ideas - many items are fairly easy to recreate from stuff you may have lying aroung the house.
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