Couple of questions about cage

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Couple of questions about cage

Post by Elmoz » Sat Jan 02, 2021 12:16 pm

So im thinking of getting a few rats (was originally going for a pair but i read its better to get at least 3?) And was wondering if this cage would be suitable or if a better one is available at similair price? ... x54cm.html

Also with most cages ive seen having a plastic base what would be the best way to secure it so that the rats cant eat through it?

Are their any reccomended breeders around london? Would rather not pet shop if i dont need to.

Thanks guys

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Re: Couple of questions about cage

Post by cyber ratty » Mon Jan 04, 2021 9:58 am

Yes that is a great cage, and the best value re space vs price :luck:

I would suggest starting with a trio, and wait for a year before adding another couple of kittens, this will give you a rolling group of 3 - 5 which will fit nicely in the coco.

Most rats are fine with plastic bases, but you could ask the breeder you get rats from what their line is like. If they are likely to chew it, the only option is an all metal cage, the pet planet is probably the cheapest option, but you'd need to factor in the cost of adding a deep base... so it would probably be cheaper to get a metal base for the coco if they start chewing the plastic one. ... lanet.aspx

Depending on where you are in London, and what the travel restrictions are, you've got Ann at Rivendell in Dartford, several breeders in Essex (e.g. Ellfin, Jackalily, Esprit), some to the west (Blue Apple), and I'm about an hours drive north of London. Wherever you go, it's mostly best to make contact asap to get on a waiting list (apart from Ann who doesn't use a list).

Good luck with your plans :D

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