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Cage question

Post by oowie » Sun Mar 21, 2021 1:41 pm

I have a savic zeno 2 cage for my 2 males. I hope to get 2 new rats this summer, so i have to upgrade the cage.

Out of these cages, what cage do you think is best and why?

1. Savic zeno 3
2. Ferplast jenny
3. Savic freddy 2 max

I like the large cage door in my zeno 2 (80x50x70), but sometimes i miss an extra door at the top.
80x50 is a good size to fit in my home, but maybe with 4 rats 100x50x70 would be better, or is 80x50x80 also good?

I would love a bit more height, so i think i best choose between ferplast jenny (tiny doors, but multiple doors) or the savic freddy 2 max (large door,but only one)

Also: what is the difference between savic freddy 2 max and the savic chichi?
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Re: Cage question

Post by cyber ratty » Mon Mar 22, 2021 8:11 am

The jenny access is way too awkward, you'd need to put a big door into the front. I think the build quality is also pretty rubbish these days.

The freddy max is okay for 4, but still pretty minimal in terms of space. The chichi2 is essentially the same cage, but marketed for chinchillas and has different accessories with it I think.

The zeno 3 would give better overall space, the loss of height is more than made up for by the increased footprint.

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