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Post by Edenlee » Thu Aug 12, 2021 10:18 pm

Hi all, so i just got some ratty-bois today (was a surprise early birthday present from a well meaning friend) however my flat isnt the most rat safe place right now and eventually i want to let them free roam the living room.

I have had rats before.

I am quite the electronics collector and have a lot of wires that are both expensive to replace and potentially hazardous (pcs, 3d printers etc) and so im looking into rat/rodent safe wire covers that can withstand ratty nibbles. My flat is quite small, and i dont want to have them just be able to free roam in my shower room. Ive always thought it was important they stay within the main room their human is in.

It has been several years now since i last kept rats so perhaps new things have came out on the market that i was unaware of. Or yall have some ingenious tips and tricks you have used yourself to ratproof a place with electricals.

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Re: Wires

Post by cyber ratty » Mon Aug 16, 2021 6:37 pm

It's tricky if you have a lot of wires - if they are mostly down one end of the room, you could use songmics panels to wall that end off.

If you have cables going along the bottom of one wall, you could encase them in a big conduit.

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