Ratty questions

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Ratty questions

Post by Lolly » Thu Nov 18, 2021 9:25 pm

Hi, my son and I are considering getting some pet rats, he's 9 and a huge animal fan. I know I will be responsible for most of their care and am fine with that ☺️ We like to do lots of research before getting new animals so we're prepared to meet their needs in the best way possible. With that in mind we have some questions if someone would be kind enough to help.
1 - cage. There are so many rat cages on the market which vary hugely in shape and size. Which sort is best? We're thinking of keeping 3-4 rats.
2 - location of cage. Some things I've read say rats need silence during the day and to be away from TV/radio, others say rats need to be in a room where humans are around, not shut away. Will they be ok in the living room? We also have gerbils, will rats be ok in the same room as them (obviously not the same cage?)
3 - gender. Is one gender more friendly/ affectionate than the other? Is one easier to train?
4 - holidays. Should rats be kept in their own home with someone visiting to care for them or can they move to another house while owners are away? I've read things which suggest both are possible but other sites state moving will cause a lot of stress.
5 - what's your top tip for keeping rats?

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Re: Ratty questions

Post by TumbleRats » Sat Nov 20, 2021 10:26 pm

Hello there!

Rats are lovely creatures to keep and I think that your 9 year old will find them very rewarding. My son is 8 and absolutely loves ours.

I started with a Mamble 100 cage for our 3. It was a good sturdy cage with a nice footprint but I've now upgraded to a critter nation so that I can do more of a bio active set up for mine. I'd still recommend a mamble though. There's plenty of room to make a lovely set-up for them, hang a tic tac wheel as well as lots of hammocks for them.

I'm also in the process of bringing our rats into our living room too. I've assessed how busy the traffic through is and the noise too. They are far enough from our television and I've found that they love it when my kids come home from school and will often get up and 'ask' to come out so that they can interact with us all.

I wouldn't like to state about having other animals in the same room (because we have none), but I know that when I open the windows to get a 'through breeze' through the house the rats adore sitting on their high ledges sniffing the incoming breeze so I'm sure that they may find the scents interesting. My only worry would be that maybe the gerbils may find the rat scent worrying in some way. You'd also definitely need to make sure that the rats couldn't get to the gerbils during free-play too!!!

We haven't been away for a long span of time yet but our neighbour comes in to feed ours when we're away and I'm lucky enough to have some good 'rat friends' that live close too. When we go away for a few days or more thee friends or ours will drop by daily to make sure that the rats get freeplay and some interaction too.

Top tips - get your fur babies from a good breeder. Mostly because they will support you and your babies will be well on their way to being very tame. This is especially important when you have a kid that's going to be helping.

Good luck! I'm sure that you and your family will love keeping rats!

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Re: Ratty questions

Post by Lolly » Wed Nov 24, 2021 9:36 pm

Thank you for your response Tumblerats. I'm definitely going to look for a breeder, rather than buy from a pet shop.
That's really sweet that your rats wake up for a play when your children come home from school, my son would love that :hearts: our living room isn't particularly noisy during the day, so hopefully it will be be ok; I just have the radio on low whist I work from home (sometimes not at all when I really need to concentrate!)
Thanks for the cage and wheel recommendations, I'll have a look at them :D

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Re: Ratty questions

Post by cyber ratty » Fri Dec 03, 2021 8:00 am

I echo what tumbleweed has said, but will add that a coco 100 cage is just as good as the mamble, has a bigger door and stronger bars, and may be easier to buy atm. You can get 10% off using the code FANCYRATS here https://www.littlepetwarehouse.co.uk/pr ... x54cm.html

Also, don't fill the cage with hammocks, a couple is enough, and then the rest can be furnished with ropes, branches, perches, baskets (including a hanging basket), etc. Think of providing varied navigation routes leading to varied destinations, so that the rats can climb, run, stretch, jump, balance, and chill.

I agree, the living room will be fab for them, they do enjoy being in the middle of everything. :luck:

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