Recommended vets in the East of England

Details of vets who have been used and are recommended by members.
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Recommended vets in the East of England

Post by malude » Thu Aug 11, 2011 6:16 pm

I see a vet called Toby at Taverham vets in Norwich, they also have a small branch in Costessey.

Taverham Vets

(01603) 867330

Toby is really great with rats, he seems to have a lot of knowledge including sensible Baytril dosing (!) and is also very willing to listen to me and to seek out new information. I am new to this area and when trying to find a new vet I asked lots of questions and was very satisfied with the information given to me by one of the receptionists and I am absolutely confident and happy with the care and treatment Toby has given to me and my rats.
Their out of hours service is at the Taverham branch.
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Cambridge vet

Post by crazybadger » Wed Aug 31, 2011 12:53 am

Vet Name: Ms Ford and Ms Pearson are both fantastic, with all manner of small furries and exotics. Have seen two other vets at the surgery who were also Ok with rats(though not the experts they did give correct appropriate advice)
Surgery: Cambridge Veterinary Group
89a Cherry Hinton Road, cambridge.
01223 249 331

It is a fantastic surgery! The receptionists are all wonderful caring people, they are always exceptionally friendly, helpful and polite. Two amazing vets, who I trust 100% with my rats and hamster. I would feel comfortable taking any manner of small furry to see them, I have often seen chinchillas, chickens, parrots, many rabbits and guinea pigs in the waiting room. And they won an award a couple of years back for exceptional chelonian care(tortoises and terrapins)
I can't recommend them highly enough, I dread to think what I would do without them!
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Re: Recommended vets in the East of England

Post by neotoma » Mon May 21, 2012 4:14 am

Name: Steve Smith
Practice: Wendover Heights Vetinary Centre, Halton, Buckinghamshire (it's near Tring and Aylesbury)
Phone: 01296 623439

Steve is WHVC's exotics specialist, and is probably the best vet I've met in 13 years. Supremely lovely bloke, knowledgeable, open-minded about trying new things, up to date with the research, and very competent at surgery. Can't recommend him highly enough.

ETA 05/09/13
Anthony wrote:Second this. Steve has been great with me and has always accommodated my needs perfectly. As I travel a fair bit to see him specifically for operations, he has always rearranged his time so that he is able to give me the last appointment before he goes into theatre and he's always operated on my rats first, so that I don't have to wait around all day. The operation wound is always neat and tidy (just 1 stitch for a neuter!). A nice touch was that after the operation, Steve personally brought Diego out to me and discussed with me how the operation went etc.

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East Bedfordshire vet

Post by SandyGirl » Fri Sep 05, 2014 12:26 pm

Someone else recommended them for neutering on the forum so when we had an issue, my partner took Kahlúa to them and the lady (he is rubbish with names) seemed very knowledgeable and all the staff were wonderful with them.

Deepdale Vet and aquatic Centre
Deepdale, Potton, Sandy
SG19 2NH
01767 261600
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Re: Recommended vets in the East of England

Post by cyber ratty » Sun Mar 01, 2015 3:28 pm

I hadn't noticed that my vets didn't have an entry - it's long overdue!

I can recommend Village Vets in Meldreth and Royston - they've treated my rats for many years and gained a lot of experience through their willingness to research and openness to trying various new treatments.

Vanessa works part time at Meldreth, and is at Royston on Tuesday afternoons.
Simon works in Royston.

The Royston practice is just opposite the railway station, so good for those relying on public transport.

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Re: Recommended vets in the East of England

Post by acapae_wolf » Fri Nov 27, 2015 8:27 pm

Practice Name: All Creatures Healthcare
Address: Sandy Lane, Horsford, Norwich, NR10 3FB
Telephone: 01603 898984

*I don't explicitly know their experience with rats*

This week I've been advising/ supporting a friend with a Syrian hamster who needed an emergency spay, and this is the vet she used for the surgery. As reserved as vets can sometimes be regarding carrying out surgery on rats, it's even rarer to find those who're confident to do so on smaller rodents; thus you can safely assume that if they're competent with hamster diagnostics and surgery, they will be with rats too. "They really know their stuff and are wonderful with both animal and human!"
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Re: Recommended vets in the East of England

Post by Helzie » Fri Sep 02, 2016 9:35 am

Cambridge Vet Group, 89a Cherry Hinton Road
Cambridge, Cambridgeshire CB1 7BS

I mostly saw Jill Pearson as she is their exotics specialist, teaches at Cambridge university, and is a very lovely person, but other vets I've seen there have also been very good.
Fastnet, Tyne, Humber.

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