Rat names, unisex

Suggested names for rats.
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Rat names, unisex

Post by Fancy Rats Admin » Sat Aug 06, 2011 1:00 pm

Please add to this thread with any suggested names suitable for both bucks and does.
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Re: Rat names, unisex

Post by Jemma » Thu Aug 11, 2011 12:55 pm

unisex herb names

Absinthe (Herbs, drinks)
Adderwort (Herbs)
Aloe (Herbs)
Bay (Herbs, spices)
Bird's Foot Trefoil (Herbs)
Blackberry (Herbs, fruit)
Bugle (Herbs)
Calamint (Herbs)
Catnip (Herbs)
Cayenne (Herbs)
Chives (Herbs)
Cinchona (Herbs)
Cinnamon (Herbs, spices)
Cinquefoil (Herbs)
Cloves (Herbs, Spices)
Coca (Herbs)
Cubeb (Herbs)
Dandelion (Herbs)
Ginger (Herbs, Spices, Colour)
Hyssop (Herbs)
Indigo (Herbs)
Iris Florentina (Herbs)
Liquorice (Herbs)
Madder (Herbs)
Mallow (Herbs)
Marshmallow (Herbs)
Mimosa (Herbs)
Apple Mint (Herbs)
Black Peppermint (Herbs)
Curly Mint (Herbs)
Pineapple Mint (Herbs)
Spearmint (Herbs)
Water Mint (Herbs)
White Peppermint (Herbs)
Mistletoe (Herbs)
Mugwort (Herbs)
Mulberry (Herbs, fruit)
Mullein (Herbs)
Nettle (Herbs)
Nutmeg (Herbs)
Orange (Herbs, fruit)
Paprika (Herbs)
Parsley (Herbs)
Pepper (Herbs, spices)
Periwinkle (Herbs)
Ragwort (Herbs)
Senna (Herbs, Colours)
Sorrel (Herbs)
Thistle (Herbs)
Thyme (Herbs)
Vanilla (Herbs, Spices)

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Re: Rat names, unisex

Post by Jemma » Thu Aug 11, 2011 12:56 pm

Unisex Japanese names

Aki - meaning bright, sparkle or autumn (japanese name)
AKIRA - meaning clear and/or bright (japanese name)
AOI - meaning unisex name meaning blue or hollyhock (japanese name)
ARATA - meaning "fresh." (japanese name)
ATSUSHI - meaning "industrious." (japanese name)
Biggu - meaning big (japanese name)
Binshou - meaning agile (japanese name)
Bo-rudo - meaning bold (japanese name)
Bourei - meaning departed spirits (japanese name)
Buyuu - meaning bravery (japanese name)
Chakkari - meaning cheeky (japanese name)
DAI - meaning "big, great, large, vast." Compare with other forms of Dai. (japanese name)
DAICHI - meaning great land or great wisdom (japanese name)
DAIKI - meaning great tree, noble or glory" (japanese name)
DAISUKE - meaning "great helper." (japanese name)
Daitan - meaning bold (japanese name)
Dokyou - meaning bravery (japanese name)
Fumikiru - meaning to make a bold start (japanese name)
Futeki - meaning bold (japanese name)
Futoji - meaning boldface (japanese name)
Gaki - meaning ghoul (japanese name)
Gouki - meaning bravery (japanese name)
Goutan - meaning boldness (japanese name)
HAJIME - meaning "beginning." (japanese name)
HARU - meaning spring, clear up and sun or sunlight (japanese name)
Hayai - meaning fast (japanese name)
HIDEAKI - meaning "shining excellence; splendid brightness." (japanese name)
HIDEKI - meaning splendid opportunity. (japanese name)
HIKARU - meaning "radiance." (japanese name)
HIRO - meaning generous, tolerant, prosperous and abudnant (japanese name)
HIROAKI - meaning widespread brightness, joy and stength. (japanese name)
HIROYUKI - meaning "widespread happiness." (japanese name)
HISASHI - meaning long-lived. (japanese name)
HISOKA - meaning reserved. (japanese name)
HITOSHI - meaning "even-tempered; level." (japanese name)
Isamashii - meaning brave (japanese name)
ISAMU - meaning courage, bravery. (japanese name)
ISAO - meaning "honor; merit." (japanese name)
JUN - meaning "obedient." (japanese name)
JUNICHI - meaning obedient one. (japanese name)
KAEDE - meaning "maple." (japanese name)
Kai - meaning sea, ocean (japanese name)
Kaigaishii - meaning brave (japanese name)
Kakan - meaning bold (japanese name)
Kangai - meaning strong feelings (japanese name)
Kanzen - meaning boldly (japanese name)
Kashu - meaning strong drink (japanese name)
Kasshoku - meaning brown (japanese name)
KATSU - meaning "victory." (japanese name)
KATSUO - meaning victorious child. (japanese name)
KAZUHIRO - meaning prosperous one. (japanese name)
KAZUKI - meaning harmonious hope and one/first shine (japanese name)
Kei - meaning strong, excellent, square jewel, blessed / lucky, wise, respect (japanese name)
Keishou - meaning strong and nimble (japanese name)
Kichi - meaning good luck (japanese name)
KIN - meaning unisex name meaning "gold." (japanese name)
KIYOSHI - meaning pure. (japanese name)
Ko - meaning big, light, happiness, peace (japanese name)
KOHAKU - meaning unisex name meaning "amber." (japanese name)
KOICHI - meaning light/shining first (child)). (japanese name)
KOU - meaning light, happiness, peace (japanese name)
Kukkiri - meaning boldly (japanese name)
Kukkyou - meaning strong health (japanese name)
Kuro - meaning black (japanese name)
Kyo - meaning big, capital, coopereation, apricot (japanese name)
MADOKA - meaning unisex name meaning "circle, flower." (japanese name)
MAKOTO - meaning unisex name meaning "sincere, true." (japanese name)
MAMORU - meaning protector. (japanese name)
MANABU - meaning "learn." (japanese name)
MASA - meaning Unisex short form of names beginning with Masa-, meaning "flourishing, prosperous, correct, just, splendid and elegant" (japanese name)
MASAAKI - meaning true brightness." (japanese name)
MASAHIRO - meaning justice prospers. (japanese name)
MASAKI - meaning flourishing tree. (japanese name)
MASANORI - meaning model of justice. (japanese name)
MASARU - meaning victorious. (japanese name)
MASASHI - meaning elegant, splendid. (japanese name)
MASAYOSHI - meaning flourishing goodness. (japanese name)
Mei - meaning dark (japanese name)
Meikyou - meaning shades of the dead (japanese name)
MINORI - meaning truth. (japanese name)
MITSURU - meaning full or " growing." (japanese name)
Namaiki - meaning cheeky (japanese name)
NAO - meaning esteemed., docile (japanese name)
NAOKI - meaning docile tree. (japanese name)
NEZUMI - meaning Rat or Mouse (japanese name)
NOBORU - meaning ascend; climb. (japanese name)
NORI - meaning ceremony, regalia, code, precedence, model, rule, law (japanese name)
Obake - meaning preternatural beings who have undergone some sort of change, from the natural realm to the supernatural. (japanese name)
Oogata - meaning big (japanese name)
Ookii - meaning big (japanese name)
OSAMU - meaning "disciplined, obtainer, ruler, locical," (japanese name)
Ririshii - meaning brave (japanese name)
RYO - meaning "brightness, refressing, reality, distant," (japanese name)
SATORU - meaning "enlightened, wise, daybreak, pursuasive" (japanese name)
Seisan - meaning ghostliness (japanese name)
Sharakusai - meaning cheeky (japanese name)
SHIGERU - meaning flourishing; luxuriant. (japanese name)
Shikkoku - meaning jet black (japanese name)
Shiryo - meaning Dead Spirit (japanese name)
Subayai - meaning agile (japanese name)
SUSUMU - meaning progressing. (japanese name)
TADASHI - meaning "loyal or true" (japanese name)
Taiki - meaning "large, great" and "radiance, shine". (japanese name)
TAKASHI - meaning elevated; praiseworthy. (japanese name)
TAKAYUKI - meaning moving to heights. (japanese name)
TAKUMI - meaning "artisan, skilful" (japanese name)
TAMOTSU - meaning defender, protector. (japanese name)
TETSUYA - meaning "sage-(suffering?)" (japanese name)
TORU - meaning "penetrating; wayfarer." (japanese name)
TOSHI - meaning Japanese name meaning "alert, bright, intelligent." (japanese name)
TOSHIAKI - meaning "bright and alert, happy, clever," (japanese name)
TOSHIYUKI - meaning clever and happy. (japanese name)
TSUTOMU - meaning "worker." (japanese name)
TSUYOSHI - meaning brave, valiant. (japanese name)
Ubatama - meaning jet black (a-no) (japanese name)
YASUHIRO - meaning "abundant tranquility." (japanese name)
YASUSHI - meaning calm, quiet. (japanese name)
Yokai - meaning Dead Spirit (japanese name)
Yori - meaning "trust" (japanese name)
YOSHI - meaning "fine, happy, correct, good, nice" (japanese name)
YOSHIAKI - meaning "clearly/evidently correct." (japanese name)
YOSHIHIRO - meaning vast/extensive/widespread correctness. (japanese name)
YOSHIKAZU - meaning "good addition." (japanese name)
YOSHINORI - meaning correct rule/law. (japanese name)
YOSHIYUKI - meaning "happy going, far lasting" (japanese name)
Youkai - meaning spectre, ghost of an animal or monster/beast (japanese name)
YUKI - meaning happiness; good fortune or snow (japanese name)
Yurei - meaning ghost (japanese name)
YUTAKA - meaning abundant, prosperous, wealthy. (japanese name)
Yuu - meaning bravery, higher, superior (japanese name)
Yuuki - meaning bravery or boldness (japanese name)
Zubutoi - meaning bold / cheeky (japanese name)
Kami - meaning Gods or spirits (japanese name)
Amaterasu - meaning incarnation of the sun (japanese name)
Tsukuyomi - meaning incarnation of the moon, death and darkness (japanese name)
Susanoo - meaning incarnation of storms and ruler of the sea and storms (japanese name)

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Re: Rat names, unisex

Post by myzoo » Thu Aug 11, 2011 1:18 pm

:hearts: :hearts: ying,yang,fudge,smudge,misty,sootie,chalk,flo,zigzag,bright,flo,itsy,bitzy,teeny,cocoa,mocha,lucky,luna,jupiter,ginger,
flash,halo, :D

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Re: Rat names, unisex

Post by Jemma » Thu Aug 11, 2011 4:16 pm

Unisex Constellation names

APUS - the bird of paradise (Constellation)
CAMELOPARDALIS - the giraffe (Constellation)
CAPRICORNUS - the horned goat, or (Sea-Goat) (Constellation)
CARINA - the keel of the Argo (Constellation)
CETUS - the whale (or whatever) menacing Andromeda (Constellation)
CHAMAELEON - the chameleon (Constellation)
CIRCINUS - a pair of compasses (Constellation)
CANIS MAJOR - the greater dog (Constellation)
CANIS MINOR - the lesser dog (Constellation)
CANCER - the crab (Constellation, Star Sign)
CORONA BOREALIS - the northern crown (Constellation)
CRUX - the cross (Constellation)
CORVUS - the crow (Constellation)
CANES VENATICI - the hunting dogs (Constellation)
DELPHINUS - the dolphin (Constellation)
DORADO - the goldfish (Constellation)
EQUULEUS - the little horse (Constellation)
FORNAX - the furnace (Constellation)
GRUS - the crane (Constellation)
HOROLOGIUM - the clock (Constellation)
INDUS - the (American) Indian (Constellation)
LACERTA - the lizard (Constellation)
LEPUS - the hare (Constellation)
LIBRA - the scales (weighing) (Constellation)
LEO MINOR - the lesser lion (Constellation)
LUPUS - the wolf (Constellation)
LYNX - the lynx (Constellation)
MENSA - the Table (mountain) (Constellation)
MICROSCOPIUM - the microscope (Constellation)
MONOCEROS - the unicorn (Constellation)
MUSCA - the fly (Constellation)
OCTANS - the octant (Constellation)
PAVO - the peacock (Constellation)
PHOENIX - the phoenix (Constellation)
PISCIS AUSTRINUS - the southern fish (Constellation)
PISCES - the fish (Constellation, Star Sign)
PUPPIS - the poop deck of the Argo (Constellation)
PYXIS - the box, or compass, of the Argo (Constellation)
RETICULUM - the net (optical instrument) (Constellation)
SCUTUM - the shield (Constellation)
SERPENS - the snake (Constellation)
SEXTANS - the sextant (Constellation)
SAGITTA - the arrow (Constellation)
TELESCOPIUM - the telescope (Constellation)
TRIANGULUM AUSTRALE - the southern triangle (Constellation)
TRIANGULUM - the triangle (Constellation)
URSA MAJOR - the greater bear (Constellation)
URSA MINOR - the lesser bear (Constellation)

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Re: Rat names, unisex

Post by sparkling_tea » Tue Aug 23, 2011 6:23 pm

I've always thought 'fidget' would be a good name for a rattie :]
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Re: Rat names, unisex

Post by annc » Mon Sep 12, 2011 10:15 pm

My rats - past and present:

Seasonal: Autumn, Winter, Tinsel, Christmas, Easter

Characteristics: Wingnut (dumbo), Smeeze, Badger, Ermine, Splodge, ASBO (rehomed as a biter!), Star

Other: Lightning and Lumiere (possibly related to Supreme Champion Lumi),
Ann Clifton
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Re: Rat names, unisex

Post by MxBlu » Mon Sep 15, 2014 11:57 pm


(names of my current ladies :girly: )
:baby: :baby: :dumbobaby: :dumbobaby: :smile: :smile:

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Re: Rat names, unisex

Post by Lauren_The_Human » Mon Sep 22, 2014 3:58 pm

I've called my new female rat Beemo, after my favourite cartoon character.
Beemo (BMO) acts under both female and male genders in the cartoon Adventure Time. Some characters refer to BMO as he, and some as she.

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