New Tunnel Hammock from Old Jeans

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New Tunnel Hammock from Old Jeans

Post by rattycorner » Fri Aug 10, 2012 12:28 pm

(Click on a photo to see a larger version.)


A pair of old jeans
4 D rings
60cm of webbing
Sewing machine with heavy or denim needle fitted.
Clips to fix D rings to the cage.


1. Image

If the bottom edges of the jeans are frayed, trim off the frayed edges and re-turn the hem.

2. Image

Pull one leg of the jeans through inside the other, lining up the seams inside.

3. Image

Cut through all four layers at the top of the leg.

4. Image

Cut the webbing into four 15cm lengths. Thread D rings onto two of these.

5. Image

Fold the webbing back around the D ring and put it ring first between two layers of the top of the leg, with the webbing about 2cm into the seam.

6. Image

Sew around the top of the leg through two layers, taking the sewing machine foot as close to the D ring inside as you can. The shorter the webbing, the harder to chew. Add in the second D ring a little less than half way round.

7. Image

Sew around again a small distance apart from the first line to add strength to the seam.

8. Image

Turn the fabric the right way out and sew around the same edge again, close to the edge if your machine will cope with the thickness, further away if not.

9. Image

At the other end of the leg add two more D rings, but this time with the ring sticking out. Try to line them up with those at the first end, and put them fairly snugly into the edge to foil the chewers. Sew around this edge just behind the hem.

10. Image

Now get your machine foot inside the tube and sew the two layers together up and down inside the leg. Get as far in as possible from each end as the more the two layers are sewn together the less likely the ratties are to get between the layers. Make sure you sew a line along the webbing for each D ring.

11. ImageImage

Your tunnel hammock is now ready to hang.
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