Rats who need new homes - guidelines for posting

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Rats who need new homes - guidelines for posting

Post by Fancy Rats Admin » Mon Jul 11, 2011 5:04 pm

Guidelines for posting
This forum is a read-only forum. Posts may be made only by Fancy Rats Admin and registered rescuers.

If you have rats needing rehoming, you can submit a post as follows:

All registered members are able to submit rats for listing on here, using the template and sending by PM to Fancy Rats Rehoming.

To offer a home, help with transport, etc, please contact the member named in the post using the links to PM or email given in the post. Please do not contact Fancy Rats Admin - and in the interest of the rats concerned, please do not PM or e-mail individual members of the Admin Team as they may not be online for some time.

Please note that the following categories of rats are not permitted to be advertised:
  • Animals which have been purposely bred by their owner.
  • Rats of any age which are for sale (though a donation may be made towards rat rescue).
  • Rats which have been bought in order to be rehomed - whether from pet shops, auctions, adtrader or private sale. These are not considered rescues and may not be advertised on the forum, regardless of the conditions in which they were kept.*
*Paying money for these animals only supports those who breed and trade them, and cannot be condoned. Where such rats are obtained for free, i.e. no money has changed hands, they may be considered rescues. We do not expect members to buy rats and then try to rehome them here.

The following categories of rats are not generally permitted to be advertised, but will be considered on a case by case basis:
  • Kittens that are the result of an accidental mating.
  • Kittens that result from missexing by petshops or the purchase of pregnant does from a pet shop.
  • Unwanted breeding animals of any age unless the breeder has ceased breeding.
For these groups of rats we would encourage members to complete a rehoming template which will then be reviewed.

Fancy Rats does not support the trade of rats via petshops. Therefore advertising of any rat on behalf of any organisation that sources its 'stock' from rodent farms or breeders that breed intensively and for profit and sells on the rats is not allowed.

Third parties may submit details of rats found on other websites that need rehoming, only if you give the advertiser the opportunity to post here themselves (ie. send them a link and helpful advice) first, or if they give permission to an established Fancy Rats member to act as a contact. This removes any legal issues with regards to telephone numbers being reproduced without permission, and enables you to provide potential adopters with more information before expressing an interest in the rats.

Please notify FRA Rehoming by PM if you wish to make any changes or updates to your listed rescue rats. Updates must be made at least once a fortnight to keep the forum up to date and to prevent loss of posts from the autoprune.

Please notify FRA Rehoming once the rats have been homed! Your thread will then be closed and moved to the homed rats section. This keeps all topics active and up to date and prevents the waste of our members time enquiring about rats who have already been homed.


Autoprune is a feature that automatically deletes threads that have not been posted to within a certain amount of days.
In this forum autoprune is set to 30 days.
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